Sustainability & Biodiversity

Our school values the promotion of sustainability and biodiversity within our curriculum. The inclusion of various practises such as a school worm farm and vegetable patches provides students with an active way of understanding the importance of minimising our effect on the environment.

Our school also strives to give students engaging experiences which demonstrate to them in a practical way the adaptations of our native fauna and how these bahaviours and characteristics assist them within their delicate ecosystem.

The native animals studied onsite include:

Fat Tailed Dunnarts: A small local marsupial which stores fat in its tail. The female raises its young in a pouch.

The fat tailed dunnart is a local native marsupial. It is on the threatened list of native fauna.

School Dunnart Video

Green Tree Frogs: These amphibians are able to change colour to blend in with their surroundings. They live off insects such as crickets.

Tropical Marine Fish & Coral: Within our marine aquarium we have a variety of marine animals. These include:

  • Ocelaris Clown Fish which have a symbotic relationship with the Bubble Tip Anenome.
  • The Watchmen Goby which has a symbolitc relationship with the Pistol Shrimp.
  • A Fox Face Rabbit Fish which can change colour to blend into the surrounding reef.
  • A Bangai Cardinal Fish which raises its young within its mouth.