Eligibility for Onsite Learning

Should the directive from the Victorian Government for schools to return to remote learning eventuate, the school requires information from families who are eligible for their children to work onsite.

This will assist us in ensuring adequate supervision and support is given to these students.

It is important that numbers onsite are kept to a minmum to ensure staff and student safety. Therefore I remind families that all students who can learn from home must learn from home.

Students working from the school site is only available to families who fit the following criteria:

  • children of parents who cannot work from home. (A signed letter from your employer on the company letterhead is required from both parents)
  • children who are not able to be supervised at home and no other arrangements can be made. (Students with siblings over 18 or with grandparents living in their house must stay at home)
  • if you are a casual or part time worker, your children should only be onsite when you are at work.

If you fit the above criteria, we ask that you complete the Eligibility for Onsite Learning form using the link below by Wednesday, 15th July. Supporting documents from employers can be emailed to me at principal@stjatarneit.catholic.edu.au


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