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Athletics Day 2015

The inaugural St John's Athletics Day took place on 30th October.  

It was a great day had by all and there are definitely some track and field superstars in the making!

Special thanks to all the parents and families that were able to attend and show their support.  This brought a community feel to our sports which would be the envy of many much larger schools. It was also great to see families encouraging their children to do their best on the day supporting our school message to “Make it Fast, but keep it Fun!”  

Thankyou to Simon Werner, Jarnelle Tapsell, Robyn Ellis, Craig Ellis, Rob Teretzanis, Pat Tardio, Rebecca Osborne and the MacKillop College SEDA students who assisted with the running of the events. 

Congratulations to Mrs White for overseeing the organisation of the day, which was well supported by our fulltime and parttime staff.